Meet The Pressers Trailer

“Meet The Pressers” is the industry’s newest internet show that discusses firearms, defensive training, products, accessories, politics, and political activism. The program is hosted by Matt Mallory and Klint Macro. Listen to the show here or watch it here

Matt Mallory is the owner of Public Safety and Education (PS&Ed) and is based in Syracuse, NY. Matt is a U.S. Army veteran and highly experienced firearms instructor who’s passion for firearms and self defense began at a very young age. Currently he works as a sworn NY Law Enforcement Officer, Instructor, and FFL business owner. Matt instructs people all over the Country from all walks of life, from Law Enforcement Officers to Boy Scouts and everyone between. Matt’s company website is

Klint Macro is the founder of The Trigger Pressers Union, Local #1 being based in Pittsburgh, PA. Klint is a nationally recognized defensive firearms educator, and published author. The motto of the Trigger Pressers Union is “Responsibly exercising our Rights through the safe and ethical training of our fellow citizens.” Klint is also the Co-Administrator of National Train A Teacher Day as well as in leadership positions with various pro-Liberty organizations in Pennsylvania. Klint’s Company website is